Friday, November 2, 2012


On Wednesday we read non-fiction information books about spiders and created a hand print spider and wrote facts about them. Picture coming soon. We also dressed liked Spiders in honor of Book Character Dress Up.

We also did some experiments to help us understand more about spiders. We ate like spiders by putting venom(water) on our prey ( sugar cube) and watched it melt and them sucked it up with a straw. We also learned why spiders do not stick to their webs but insects do. We tried to walk our fingers across some tape and of course we stuck to it. Then we dipped our fingers in oil and tried to walk across the tape again. This time we could walk. We learned that spiders have special oil on their feet that keep them from sticking to their webs.

On Thursday we read Ms. Spider's Tea Party and had our own tea party. We tasted orange, raspberry, and peach tea. Then we created a graph to show which tea we liked best. We liked orange the best and raspberry the least.

We also created a Venn Diagram comparing Ms. Spider to a real Spider.


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