Monday, August 20, 2012

New School! New Room! New Year!

I have moved to Eisenhower Elementary! I am still teaching Kindergarten, but no longer teaching 2 way Dual Language. I have just about gotten my room ready and will be implementing Daily 5 this year. Take a look at my new room. I can't wait to meet all of my new students and get this year going. We are going to become awesome readers and writers! Here are pictures of my classroom library. The books are sorted by genre and labeled so the kids can go book shopping and be successful in returning the books to the correct place. Also you can see my Daily 5 large group mini lesson and check in meeting area.

Picture of my Daily 5 Listen to Reading Spot. Right now all I have is the Read with Me DVD system and 2 leap pads, but I will have a listening center with books on tape and 2 student laptops. The kids will be able to listen to stories being read on TUMBLE BOOKS.

  Work on writing center with portable word wall, kid dictionary, magna doodles, and various  writing paper and utensils. I plan on making an I chart with the kids on what we can write about and hang it in this center for reference.
              Class Word Wall with a comfy chair for reading to self or reading to someone.

Pocket Chart with anchor charts for We are ready to learn, Reader Respect, and 3 Ways to Read a Book.

Developmental Centers ( kitchen/dress up and blocks) We will do these at the end of the day if time permits.

                              Daily 5 and Devlopmental Centers Pocket Chart Management System.

 My desk and small group instruction area complete with Word Helper Signs and Math problem solving posters.


  1. Your room looks great! Have a wonderful year!

  2. Thanks. We should skype this year or at least pen pals. My kids would love to get letters in the mail.