Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gingerbread Man Hunt

My bilingual co-teacher, Ms. Palomo teaches Social Studies in Spanish to both my English speaking students as well as her Spanish speaking students. She read the Gingerbread Man in Spanish and they made a gingerbread man and cooked it. Well, just like in the story he got out of the oven and ran away. He left the students notes all over the school and they went to the cafeteria, music, P.E., art, the office and to the nurse looking for him. While they were looking for the gingerbread man they got the opportunity to meet some important people who work at our school. When they returned to their classroom they found the gingerbread man and got to eat him. The students really love this activity and get so excited especially when the staff join in on the fun and say they saw the gingerbread man run that way. I will now put pictures of the staff members and thier names on cards for the students to match and identify at my Social Studies Bilingual Pair Center.

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  1. Blake really enjoyed this! He still talks about it.