Friday, February 25, 2011


We read an A to Z book about where rocks come from and how they break down. The students created a flow map to show how rocks break down. We also used rocks to practice addition and create our own story mat and solve the problem. Then we had a great time at rock stations sorting, weighing, observing with magnifying lenses, and sinking or floating rocks and other things. To hold the students more accountable for thier learning I had recording sheets at each station.


  1. Thanks for sharing! We're starting a 3 WEEK unit on natural resources in science next week {*ugh*} and I was really hoping to find some new ideas. I love how the kids showed the breakdown from rocks to sand! We'll definitely be using that. :)

  2. Thanks You. There is alot more you can do. We just ran out of time. Check out my friend's blog Chalk Talk on my blog list and her rock unit is under science and you can print the flow map and other recources to teach about rocks.