Friday, February 4, 2011

100 Day Delayed Due to Snow Days!

Here is what my street looked like this morning and it snowed a few more inches before it quit.

We were looking forward to the 100th day of school on Wednesday February 2nd, however due to an ice storm on Monday night, sub freezing temperatures, and several inches of snow Thursday night and Friday we missed 4 days of school. We should return to school on Monday February 7th and we will celebrate 100 day on Tuesday February 8th.


  1. I still can't believe we were out for four days. I had some groundhog lessons planned so not sure if I should go ahead and still do them? Nice pictures.

  2. I am going to throw in making a groundhog, a poem and watching the goundhog coming out that was recorded on Wednesday. We are also doing some shadow fun with flashlights in our room on Monday. I already had it prepared and since 100 day will be Tuesday now, I did not want to start Valentines stuff till Wednesday. Thanks for looking at my blog.