Friday, January 14, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr.

We read a book about Martin Luther King Jr's life and created a TLC art activity. Then, we glued some of the things we learned to our pictures of MLK. To teach the children that we are all the same on the inside no matter what color we are on the outside I showed them a white egg and a brown egg and we talked about how they were alike and different on the outside. Then we broke the eggs opened and discussed how they looked the same on the inside and how we could not tell them apart. We also read The Crayon Box That Talked and discussed how boring the world would be if we only had one color and how that it takes all the colors working together to make a beautiful picture. The students then drew themselves on a paper crayon and colored their crayon their favorite color.

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  1. Catherine, I love the example of how we are all the same on the inside using the two eggs. That is a perfect analogy!