Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pete The Cat

We read Pete The Cat and discussed story elements. The students drew the characters, setting problem and solution. This run off sheet came from Deanna Jump's unit on Pete the Cat. Then they created their own Pete the Cat with their choice of shoes. In Math, we used our favorite color shoes to create a class graph of Which color shoes do you like best? Then each student used Deanna Jumps recording sheet to analyze the results. There is also a Pete the Cat audio that tells this story in song format. The kids loved this story and have been singing the song all week.


  1. Outstanding Ideas. Mr. Eric (author of Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes)

  2. I love your book! The students really loved it and stayed engaged in learning both days we did Pete the Cat activites. You should check out Deanna Jump's blog. She came up with most of the activites. I just added the class graph.