Friday, October 15, 2010


We spent the week learning about soil. On Tuesday we read Garden Wigglers and learned how earthworms help the soil and about their parts. We observed live earthworms and found all their parts. Then we drew and labeled an earthworm in our science journals. We also set up a habitat for some of our worms and observed how they dug tunnels in the soil. On Wednesday we collected soil samples from around our school and brought them back inside to observe. We found rocks, roots, plants, and even a worm. On Thursday we read Dirt The Scoop on Soil and conducted an experiment to learn what was in our soil. We put water in a container of soil we collected and shook it up. We waited for it to settle and observed the layers of the soil. Finally, to end our study of soil, we made a special dirt cup snack to represent the layers of the soil. The children loved making their own and really enjoyed eating the worms and dirt.


  1. Would you share a recipe for the 'soil' you made. It really looks cute.

  2. It looks like you use a science journal? What do you use for this?! I would LOVE to have a science journal but I haven't been able to find any that have the top portion empty for the students to draw and the bottom with lines to write.

  3. Here is the recipe.
    1. Crushed oreos ( rocks and pebbles)
    2. Chocolate pudding mixed with whipped topping (sand)
    3. Crushed vanilla oreos (silt)
    4. More pudding (clay)
    5. Crushed oreos (humus)
    gummy worms for fun

    You could change it a bit and use the vanilla cookies for the sand. The experiment came from the book noted on my blog.

  4. Our School purchases the Science Journals, but they look just like composition notebooks on the front. So they are a smaller bound book, rather then normal size spiral. When I get to school tomorrow I will look at them and see if I can tell you more or I will ask our Science Strategist where she purchased them.