Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Math

To celebrate the letter P, we are learning about pumpkins. Everyone brought a pumpkin to school and we used them to do some fun math activities. On Monday we used string to measure the circumference of our pumpkins. We also weighed our pumpkins. The biggest pumpkin weighed 14lbs and the smallest pumpkin weighed 3 lbs. We compared the weight of our pumpkins to other objects and named things that weigh more and less than our pumpkins.

We used non-standard measurement to tell how many pumpkins tall we are. Everyone was either 9,10, or 11 pumpkins tall.

On Thursday we estimated how many cubes tall we thought our pumpkins were. Then we measured how tall our pumpkins were using snap cubes. The students then recorded their measurements in Our Pumpkin Discovery Book.

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