Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Chicken Eggs!

On Tuesday April 13th we starting incubating 14 chicken eggs.

Tuesday April 20th Day 7 - I candled all eggs and saw movement in at least 7 of them. A few of them the shells are too dark for me to see into and only a few of them looked like they had not developed at all. A 50% hatch rate it excellent for artificial incubation so we are looking good! We will candle again on Friday and post an update.
Wednesday April 21st Day 8 - I candled a few that I could not see yesterday with a new light and I saw movement in one and maybe another. We may have at least 9 baby chickens growing! Click on this link to see a video of what the baby chicks look like now inside the egg.
Tuesday April 27th Day 14 - The chicks are getting harder to see because they are getting big. I can still see movement in a few of the eggs. So, in one week we should have some chicks hatching.
Friday April 30th Day 17 - I added more water to the incubator to increase the humidity for the last few days of the chicks growing and getting ready to hatch. On Monday we will remove the eggs from the automatic turner and put them on the wire rack inside the incubator where they will hatch. They should hatch on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will post pictures as soon as they begin to hatch.

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