Friday, October 9, 2009

Pumpkin Math

We had a great time learning about measurement with pumpkins to celebrate fall.
We measured our pumpkins height using link cubes and we ordered our pumpkins
from smallest to largest. We also measured the circumference of our pumpkins using string.
We also had a great time learning about the parts of a plant while dissecting our class
pumpkin. We saved the pumpkin seeds from our class pumpkin and estimated how many
there were. To check our estimate and count them more easily we made groups of 10 and
counted by ten. We counted 364 seeds. WOW! We also predicted whether our pumpkins
would sink or float. We thought the small pumpkins would float and the big pumpkins would
sink, but we learned that all pumpkins float no matter how heavy they are. To see pictures
of these activites click on the arrow below to play the slideshow.

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